Training Course Doctors and Midwives

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Training course – Milano, February-June 2024
Training course for Qualified Medical Doctor and Qualified Midwife in Natural Recognition of Fertility
The course we propose aims to develop new skills for doctors and midwives, so that they know how to adequately enhance the observational capacity of the woman both to facilitate conception in sterile women and to avoid it in fertile women.
It aims to provide criteria for analytically searching for the causes of both male and female sterility.
It aims to propose specific therapies in pathological situations not by replacing but by repairing the altered functionality.
The collaboration between the Sintotermico Camen Association, IIRRM and the University of Naples guarantees a high scientific and experiential profile capable of offering high scientific quality, specific experiential skills and international connections capable of maintaining a constantly certified professional profile over time.
The course is aimed at the entire medical professionals with the aim of creating a network that all RNF teachers can turn to when they encounter situations that go beyond physiology.

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